Friday, January 30, 2009


At times I feel that I just go through the motions. I love the saying "same old crap, just a different day". Daily I find myself doing and saying the same things without really noticing small (but significant) things, so I have been trying to pay better attention. I've been trying to see things differently (you know-find joy in the journey). Here are few things I've noticed.

Nate-would say every prayer if you would let him and is sad if he is not called on to do so. I've noticed his prayers are changing and coming from the heart. Is that a bad thing?

Tyton- still loves to crawl into bed with me in the early morning. Is that a bad thing? After all he is the baby:)

Mary- is loving primary and primary songs, two Sundays ago she said the prayer in primary and for a 5 year old with a new family and a new religion she's so warm, eager and brave. That's an amazing thing!!

J.T. - gets called a "ball hog" on the basketball court. He works so hard, never gets taken out of the game to give his body a rest and smiles at the referee when he is called for a fowl:) Is that a bad thing?

Macky-is learning that good grades in school bring sweet rewards, like ski trips. Is that a bad thing?

Brock-has learned that feeding the animals everyday also allows him to eat everyday!! Is that such a bad thing?

Tim - is learning that when you try to eat better and exercise daily, you have more energy:) That's not a bad thing, that's just a hard thing to do!!! Keep it up babe:)

Carly - is learning to love another family besides her own. That is definitely not a bad thing!!

Jami - is trying to see things differently and is realizing that "THINGS" do matter and that's a GOOD thing!!!!!!


Aunt Tiff said...

AMAZING!!! Way to fing joy in the journey!! You're awesome!

ClayandAmeeHensley said...

Thank you for posting this. It does make you think about the little things that take place everyday and just learning from them.

Nicole said...

Oh I needed those words. I know you weren't writing it as advice but I'm going to take it as advice!I will TRY to remember to find joy in our journey!I know there is but I need to recognise it more!Thanks for the post!!You're awesome!