Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thoughts of a Missionary Mom!!!

Posted by PicasaWhere has all the time gone?
Why didn't I just sit and hold him a little longer??
Why at times was I in a hurry to watch him grow??
Is he prepared?
Does he even know how to iron a shirt or sew on a button?
What can he even cook?
Why didn't we read more, pray more and focus more on "spiritual" things?
What will he miss more, me or his cell phone??
Does he know how grateful I am for his desire and worthiness to serve the Lord?
Does he know how much he will be missed??
Does he know how much I LOVE him?
Why is this so hard?
Someone who spends time away from loved ones so others can spend eternity with theirs!!!!!!!!!
If I make it through this next week it is going to be a MIRACLE!!!!!