Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday morning we FINALLY got the news that the Judge had made her decision, she ruled in our favor and Mary gets to be a permanent part of our family. It has been a stressful few weeks and we feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off our shoulders:)
I knew that once I started calling people to share the news that it would travel fast, so Aunt Tiff had a great idea to tell Mary at school by taking her balloons and flowers. It was a special treat for me to finally get to tell her the news and that she didn't have to worry any more:)
She was so excited and happy!!! What a special little girl - we are so blessed as a family. Words can not express how relieved, happy and grateful we feel. Thank you to all our friends and family who have been fasting and praying for us. Our cup is overflowing with gratitude to a loving Heavenly Father who has heard and answered our prayers!!!
Posted by PicasaMary with her Aunt Alyce (my kids are so excited because now she is their Aunt too)!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What a Week!!!!!

This past week we spent Thursday and Friday in Holbrook at the court house in a trial fighting for this BEAUTIFUL girl. We spent a great amount of time in December getting ready for court.
We hired an Attorney (Sam Roser) who got to work and we are pleased with his efforts. To make a long story short it was a very emotional week for our family. We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers and we are trying very hard to put our faith and trust in the Lord. We feel very hopeful and are anxiously waiting to hear the Judges decision. She has 60 days to make her ruling but hopefully it won't take that long. We will keep you posted!!!!
I will post more later -and go into more detail - when I am not such a basket case:)

Christmas Morning!!


We had a wonderful month - here is a list of the memories made....

**Gathering with Bunko friends for a night of fun and laughter.
**Basketball games and tournaments gallor!!
**F.H.E. with family reenacting the Christmas story.
**Cache's last Christmas before his mission.
**CASA Party - singing Christmas songs with the kids on the drive there.
**Ward Party - primary children singing an amazing ward family and great food:)
**Sibling Party - lots of laughter and LOVE in the room.
**Christmas Sacrament Mtg - lots of special numbers and sweet Christmas stories.
**A visit from our amazing friend SANTA/aka Keith
**Christmas morning -giggles, excitement, love, emotions -jt's last Christmas before mission:(
**Sticky Chicken/yum yum - Sulzer family here from California!!!
**Porter Reunion - I love my Porter cousins - Amazing Jake's - MEMORIES
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TO SIT ON SANT'A LAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Do you know this guy????

Look who came knocking on our door one night!!!!
I love the way Mary is looking at him - sweet, sweet face!!

I love this photo - Santa's not sure if Tyton has been naughty or nice!!!!

Nate feeding Santa a bunch of bull!!!!!!!

Brock told Santa all he wanted for Christmas was a Candy Cane:) Santa magically pulled one out of his pocket!!! WOW!!!

Santa - you hold a special place in our heart - we hope you know how much we LOVE you!!!
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Football Banquet!!!!!!

On December 3rd they held this seasons Football Banquet.
Macky lettered in the sport as a freshman and was really excited to get his "M"!!!!!
He enjoyed playing on J.V. but I know he loved traveling with the varsity and was happy when he got some playing time. It was a treat for me to watch him with his brother and dad.

Not every boy has the opportunity to be coached by two of their uncles and dad. I know at times it seems like a disadvantage because you are usually the first to be corrected, made an example of and yelled at but it is an experience of a life time. I am grateful that my husband decided to leave his "dream job" as Athletic Director in ShowLow to be with our kids on the field and on the court. What was seen as a sacrifice at the time has ended up being a great blessing in the lives of our children!!!

J.T. was awarded Most Valuable Player and First Team Defense
He experienced a serious shoulder injury (that still is causing him grief) but he was so dedicated and determined. 1A State Runners Up is not to shabby!!!!!
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Brock Wrestling!!

Brock finished up his first wrestling season for Mogollon Jr. High. He seemed to really enjoy the sport. I don't know why I dislike this sport so much - you would think after being raised in a home with brothers who loved this sport and were pretty good at it that it wouldn't be so bad but it is definitely not my favorite. I was constantly telling Brock to call Uncle Jo Jo to get his ideas for cutting weight and to see if "spitting" Jolly Ranchers really works:)
He swears he is wrestling next year - we'll see - WAY TO GO BROCK!!!
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