Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Meet "Cowboy Bubba"!! He loves horses and in his spare time he is saddling up one of the Hancock's horses and off he goes. He came by the house one afternoon while on a ride and thrilled the whole neighborhood:) Giddy up!!!
Last night we went to Seminary Graduation. It was a great graduation and I was spiritually fed. I loved seminary while I was in high school but as a mother I love it even more. It is a blessing in my children's lives and I am grateful that we have release time seminary at our school. After graduation they set apart the new seminary council and JT was called to be the council president. President Farr set Jt apart and after he was finished he made the comment that when he is done serving as a Stake President that JT would be married with kids - CRAZY !!!! Once again I am blasted in the face that I am running out of Time with this amazing child of mine - I better get it together!! The council consists of JT, Dominic Beaufeaux, Chase Tenney, Lisa Heder, Sherida Crandell and Laura Weber. Great kids doing great things!!

Kindergarten Graduation!!

Tuesday May 26th was Kindergarten Graduation for Nate. Here are a few of his classmates. They sang a few songs and then received their diplomas.

Hurray - Nate successfully completed Kindergarten and Mrs. Gillespie still has all her hair!!Posted by Picasa


I love the rain and I can't believe how much we have gotten lately. It sure has helped the weeds in my front yard:)

I have had a heck of a time keeping my kids dry. I must admit that this is one of my childhood memories - playing in the rain and mud puddles.

I just hope it keeps coming!!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Back Already!!!!

Friday was the father/son's outing. I remember as a small girl LOVING this because it meant that my mom and I could do something fun. I also remember that it took them FOREVER to leave and that they came back to soon!! I know that sounds mean but to this day I still feel this way. It took Tim FOREVER to get things together and packed and before I knew it they were back and dumping the mess all over my house:) I really think they should have a father/son's week!!!!!!!!!!

While the boy's were gone, we decided to go out to dinner and then go bowling. We went to Payson and had a great time. We went with Tiff and her two girls. It was so much fun watching the little girls try to bowl. They loved their shoes and we teased them about buying them a pair for this next school year. They actually thought that was a great idea (yuck)! Mary was absolutely hilarious. It took her bowling ball an eternity to get to the pins but when it would knock one over she would scream and jump up and down with excitement (I love that girl)! It was fun to be able to laugh and enjoy each others company. The only thing (person) that was missing was my mom, it brought back a lot of memories of fun times we have had together.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Women's Conference!! April 30th-May 1st

I got invited a few months ago to go to Women's Conference. I went with Jennette Larsen and Peggy West these are 2 women that I served with in the Primary in Linden. We had the best time and the time went by so quickly. It was my first time to attend and I was there with approx 16,000 other women. I even ran into a few women that I know and love (joanne warren, carol sue holden, andalynn baum and deni bigler berger) what are the odds!! I was so spiritually fed that after a while I couldn't remember what speaker said what (thank goodness i took notes).

Can you tell that Peggy works with teenage girls, she has the pose down perfect!!!!! We took Peggy to the Salt Lake Temple for a live session, she had never been before, we were in awe. I think the SaltLake Temple is BEAUTIFUL, it's one of my favorites:)

Here we are in the Marriott Center, we started the Conference here and ended it here. Elder L.Tom Perry was the closing speaker and he was amazing. He talked a lot about the worlds perception of our religion and missionary work.

Here are a "few" things that I learned at Women's Conference.
*Being a women and a member of the Relief Society is such a BLESSING!!
*I can make a difference!!
*It is important to say "Never The Less".
*When you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be changed!!
*Trials - are "Divinely Architect ed" for us.
*Personal Integrity is always doing what is right and good no matter what the circumstance.
*I can find all the answers to raising/teaching children in the Book of Mormon!!
*I need to make time for Holy Habits and I need to create time for stillness.
*When we refuse to serve the Lord in ANY manner, it diminishes our FAITH.
*The Savior, who always put the will of our Heavenly Father first, had a MOTHER who did the same!!!!
*When God comes first in our lives, whatever comes second will always be RIGHT!!!

I learned so much and I am so grateful for good friends. Everywhere I have lived the Lord has "plopped" amazing women in my life/path, what a blessing they are to me!!!!!!!
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Where has all the time gone???

On the 18th of April J.T. took Brooke Owens to Prom. I just wanted to express my feelings about this "little boy" of mine. Since blogging for me is my journal I had to post these pictures. It was such a crazy feeling that night as I was watching/helping him get ready. I immediately had all these emotions/feelings run through me. I could remember all the silly little boy moments that I have had with him, everything came flooding back, what sweet memories. Then it hit me, I don't have much time left with this sweet "little boy" before I send him off to serve the Lord. He is such a good boy and I am so glad he chose me to be his momma!!!

His tux was really sweet - it was a dark chocolate brown and he looked so handsome!!!
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Tim has always colored Easter eggs with our kids, it is his tradition and the kids love that time with their dad. I just shoot pictures and clean up the mess:) We had a great Easter!

Beautiful- Bubba- Beautiful!!

Focus - Macky - Focus!!!

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Nicholas got way into it, he had this "taping the egg" technique and his eggs turned out so COOL!