Monday, August 31, 2009


Football Season - Is Here!!!
We eat, sleep, walk, talk this sport. You would think that after 23 years of marriage to a "footballaholic" I would be use to it by now!!! I've always enjoyed watching my husband play football but I must admit that I love watching my boys play it even more:) This past Friday we went to Flagstaff to the NAU Sky Dome to kick off this football season. We played Valley Lutheran and we ended up beating them pretty bad. The score was 72 to 36!!!!

The Sky Dome is a pretty cool place to play a football game!!!!

They had these HUGE screens and instant replay (it was awesome)!!!!

In the 2nd qtr - JT had an 80 yard interception for a touchdown!!!! He had a pretty amazing game, he also had a 60 yard touchdown catch along with a punt return for a touchdown!! All the boys played hard and hit hard, our little Macky guy even got some playing time in the 4th qtr:)
Between Tim coaching- JT on Varsity- Macky on J.V.- Brock on the Jr High team- this Football season should bring lots of miles on the car, black and red attire, hot cocoa, nervous stomachs and CHEERS!!!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things are lookin UP!

School Started Today!!
I did the "back to school" Happy Dance!!!
Don't get me wrong
I LOVE my kids but...
Summers are CRAZY
Everyone going in different directions
YEA for school starting
Hello to regular family scripture study and prayer
Back on a schedule and somewhat of a routine

Friday, August 7, 2009


These picture crack me up!!! We had just finished shopping for school clothes and got back to our motel and the kids decided to "model" their new school clothes. I love this "sexy pose"!! I believe this was Jt's 7th grade year. I can't believe how fast the time goes by and I can't believe that he is a senior this year. I sure do love and appreciate this boy.
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The Birthday Boy!!!

Posted by PicasaI just wanted to wish JT a happy 18th birthday. I hope he doesn't think that he is all grown-up and doesn't have to listen to his mom anymore:) What a blessing he is to our family. It is not easy being the oldest son but he's a GREAT one.
*He has a great sense of humor
*He never meets a stranger (he gets that from his dad)
*He is a great big brother
*He is not afraid to share the gospel with his friends
*He always tells me he loves me and hugs me goodbye (even when friends are around)
*He loves spending time with his cousins
*He loves peanut butter M&Ms
*He loves to sing
*He is fun to watch on the field and on the court(he does this funny little clap thing:)
*He fulfills his priesthood responsibilities and never complains
*He gives great F.H.E. lessons
Bubba - Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad that 18 years ago Heavenly Father blessed our family with you!!!