Friday, August 7, 2009

The Birthday Boy!!!

Posted by PicasaI just wanted to wish JT a happy 18th birthday. I hope he doesn't think that he is all grown-up and doesn't have to listen to his mom anymore:) What a blessing he is to our family. It is not easy being the oldest son but he's a GREAT one.
*He has a great sense of humor
*He never meets a stranger (he gets that from his dad)
*He is a great big brother
*He is not afraid to share the gospel with his friends
*He always tells me he loves me and hugs me goodbye (even when friends are around)
*He loves spending time with his cousins
*He loves peanut butter M&Ms
*He loves to sing
*He is fun to watch on the field and on the court(he does this funny little clap thing:)
*He fulfills his priesthood responsibilities and never complains
*He gives great F.H.E. lessons
Bubba - Happy Birthday!!! I am so glad that 18 years ago Heavenly Father blessed our family with you!!!


Dawna Greer said...

What great attributes to have--won't be long before he'll be winging his way somewhere on a mission. Those qualities will certainly be put to good use. Way to be a great Mom!

tenney_fam said...

What a hansome boy you have raised. Before you know it he will be on a mission! He is such a good kid because he has such a GREAT mom! Love ya!

Boston and Kati Bryce said...

Crazy he is a SENIOR!!! My goodness. I love you guys and go MHS all the way. Man I miss watching the games. Glad the kicked Valley Luthern's butts. A boy lives down the street from us plays for their football team.