Monday, July 13, 2009


I have decided to start a "Chronic Irritation Disorder Club". To be a member of this club you must suffer with severe IRRITATION!!!! Your irritation must be so bad that anything and everything irritates you. You are irritated by things that are absolutely lame and have nothing to do with your eternal salvation and the irritation you experience must last at least a week:)

EXAMPLE - My dear sister brought me a piece of coconut cream pie from Trappers (the best pie ever!!!) and I quietly put it in the BACK of the frig. The next night I thought "Oh yeah - I can have a little late night snack and share a treat with my honey". I went to the frig and looked and looked and there was NO pie. I started to get irritated and went to my honey who was watching T.V. in the bedroom and asked him if he had seen my pie. He immediately got the look of "oh crap - I'm busted", I was so irritated that he would eat my pie and he proceeded to give me some lame story of how he opened the box and it was already half eaten, so he just finished it off thinking I didn't want anymore. Well - that irritated me even more because I hadn't touched the pie and now there was more then one inconsiderate TERD living in my house!!! Now -I need to explain that this happened over a week ago and I am still IRRITATED!!! I want my pie!!! Now -I know it is a stupid piece of pie and I can always go to Trappers and get me a new piece but the thought of me having to do that is also IRRITATING!!!!

See what I mean, the irritation just goes on and on. So - if you experience events like this in your life (on a daily basis) and struggle days/weeks later with irritation, please join my club and we can suffer together!!!!

I haven't yet figured out what cures this disorder but I will tell you that consuming a huge amount of chocolate does help:)

Any thoughts or ideas - please let me know!!!!!!!!!!!


Shawna said...

You crack me up!

ClayandAmeeHensley said...

You have finally hit the nail on the head of what is wrong with me. I am so in your club...
For payment for finally diagnosing me with this I will be bringing you a piece of Trappers

Aunt Tiff said...

Is Aunt Sylvia club president? and you vice president? I would love to be the secretary/treasurer!!! Welcome to our first official C.I.D. club!!!!

I am now irritated that someone ate the piece of pie that I brought for YOU to enjoy without having to share with ANYONE!! Now I just want to kick Tim's butt and will be irritated for the next week!!!!!

JENNE said...

Do you take out of state members? Will the meetings consist of big venting sessions, plus food that soothes ya? I love those and I love my friends I can vent to.

Love, your sister in irritability.

cturley said...

Oh no way!!!! I'm supposed to be in this club too. My kids and everything is making me crazy this summer. Sign me up NOW!!!

Deni said...


You're too funny!

The only thing that works for me...I mean really to go run. Nothing like it!

Paula said...

I'm sooooo in. And I'm too damn irritated to list all the reasons I AM in, but they're good. Thanks for starting the club. You will be blessed.
Damn Tim anyway. Sounds just like something Craig would do and has done. I feel your pain.

tenney_fam said...

I feel so sorry for all of you who suffer from this condition. I am happy to report that being married to Randy I never have irritating moments in my life. I practically live in a field of roses constantly being fanned by hansome men while being fed ice cream day after day so I don't know what you are all talking about. Just ask Tiff. Wish I could sympathize! :)