Sunday, July 5, 2009


I can't believe my baby turned 12 today!! I call him the baby of my 1st family:) He was the baby for a really long time and then graciously gave up that roll when Nate joined our family. We joke and call him our NEPHI (not the jt and macky are laman and lemuel) but Brock has always been obedient and such a easy child to raise. There are so many things that I appreciate about Brock.
He is a great big brother!
He is a very good babysitter and he babysits A LOT!
He loves hangin out with me!
He is a good friend.
He has a tender heart.
He loves spending time with his cousins.
He loves to read and he gets good grades.
He has beautiful eyes and cute freckles:)

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Happy Birthday Brock - We love you!!!!


Aunt Tiff said...

Happy birithday to brock!!! Sure do love that kid!!!!

ClayandAmeeHensley said...

Happy Birthday Brock...from Keltcee..

Porter Prodigies II said...

Oh Brock-Lee!!! Happy Birthday! I cant believe when Tiff and I first became friends and I hung out at the Tenney house EVERY night, that I believed everyone when they told me his middle name was Lee, I thought you were such a mean mom for naming him that! Such a cute boy he has grown into!