Tuesday, April 28, 2015

We LOVE our missionary!!

 Its hard to believe that Macky's mission has almost come to an end.  We have been given his release date of JUNE 29th!!!  We are so excited for him to return home, yet saddened that he has to leave such AMAZING people behind!!
 This is the Pott's family - I personally want to express my gratitude to them for being so good to my son.  He has expressed many times in his emails home just how much he loves and appreciates them.  As a mom, when you send your son (or daughter) on a mission you are constantly praying for their protection and safety.  And that people will be placed in their path that will also watch over them and make them feel loved and at home.  That is what this family has done for Macky and I thank them for that.  Hopefully one day I will get to thank them in person:) 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Super thankful for these two who both had birthdays the end of 2014!!
They have brought so much JOY to our family:)
And we can't wait until their new baby brother arrives in June !!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Football State Champs!! 2014

 It seems that I am always behind when it comes to blogging but I had to get these pictures on here.  Super excited for this boy who was the QB for the Mustangs this season - No PRESSURE!! He did an amazing job and we are so happy for their victory. 

 Lexie made this poster for Macky (nickname Nickel) so he could feel a part of it all. 

Since my yelling days are over - haha   Thanks to a paralyzed vocal chord (which is a post I will save for another time) - I had been saying all season that I needed to purchase a cow bell.  Carly found one for me and on our way to the game we whipped in and bought it.  It sure came in handy and I absolutely loved having it!!  I miss not being able to yell and encourage my boy/team but this will have to do:)  After all these years of Tim being a coach this is actually my 1st pic with a championship trophy.  I know first hand the sacrifice that is made by the coaches and their families during a football season. Lots of hours are spent and there are many sleepless night!! I am super happy for my hubby and the Mustangs!!!