Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Massachusetts Bound!!

It has already been 6 weeks for this boy and yesterday (8-28) he head out into the mission field.

This pic is sooo Macky - always looking for ways to have FUN!

Macky called us yesterday morning from the airport - it was such a treat to hear his voice.  We put him on speaker phone and all of us were able to visit with him.  You could definitely see, hear and feel the hand of the Lord in his behalf.  He bore his testimony to us in Spanish before he hung up and it was amazing!!  It was one of those moments for me where I was so overcome with gratitude.  Grateful for him and his desire to serve the Lord. Grateful to be his mother.  Grateful for the missionary program and the blessings that come to families because of it.  Grateful for the growth that has come to Macky in just 6 weeks. Grateful for the Gift of Tongues. Grateful to know that Heavenly Father is mindful of ALL of his children. Grateful to feel his love daily in my life:)

Macky we LOVE you and are soooo HAPPY for you to FINALLY get to MA!!!!
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