Sunday, June 23, 2013

1A All Star Game - GO #88

Macky was selected to participate in a 1A All Star Game.  It was a treat to watch him play again.  We LOVE this game and all the life lessons you can learn from it!!!!

Nice catch Mac!!!

Love my boys - OLD 

and YOUNG 

Macky made a lot of new friends - he really enjoyed all the boys from Pima.  Every boy in this picture is mission bound - I thought that was super COOL!!

Do they look like each other or what?!?  
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Summer Time, Memory Making FUN!!

So - my husband got this wild hair brained idea to buy and OLD boat!!! He spent hours on line looking and looking, searching and searching.  I must say I was a little (okay a lot) perturbed at him for doing so but he kept on insisting that it was for "making memories".

As you can see, he was RIGHT - yes - I admit it :)
We have had a great time and look forward to making many more memories together!
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Macky's Month of Celebration!!!

Macky had a busy month of May -  Senior Trip, Seminary Graduation and High School Graduation.  We are super proud of this boy and his accomplishments.  He had the privilege of being president of the seminary.  He did a good job and was blessed everyday to have released time and learn and grow in the gospel.

These are a few of his classmates.  For years Macky was the only LDS boy in his class until the middle of the year when Syler Skousen moved into town - he was grateful for that.  We are very thankful for Pres. Whipple and all that he does for our youth - they truly love and respect the man!!

On May 24, 2013 Macky graduated from M.H.S.!!

Macky had the privilege of being awarded the Frank and Donna Greer scholarship for $1000.00.  It is awarded to a student who will be furthering their education in the education field.  Macky wants to go into education and eventually be an athletic director. They are willing to hold this scholarship for him until he gets back from his mission.  We are grateful for the Greers and the service they have rendered in behalf of education, our schools and community.  They are an amazing family!!

I love this picture!!  Cousins are such a blessing and these two girls are beautiful inside and out!!!
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Way to go Nicholas!!

On May 19, 2013 Nicholas graduated from Nursing School - we are super proud of him. This guy has incredible study habits and I appreciate his example of hard work.

His family came from Burley Idaho to celebrate with him - he has an awesome, supportive family.

This is Carly's bff Alyssa.  She graduated also.  This girl is amazing and we love her sooooo much.  Grateful that she is a part of our lives and good friends are such a blessing. 
Way to go Nicholas and Alyssa!!!! Nicholas and Carly are headed to the Valley in a few weeks.  Nicholas is continuing his education at A.S.U..  We are going to miss them terribly.  I don't like to think about it too much cause it brings me to tears:( Oh how I will miss one of my best friends and my beautiful grandchildren.  It has been a blessing to have them so close by but I understand that it is time, time for them to move on to bigger and better things.  They will be successful wherever they go because they put the Lord first:) and I am grateful for that!!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

8th Birthday and Banquets

Tyton was baptized February 16, 2013 by his Dad:)  His Aunt Tara made him an awesome cake - Thanks Aunt Tara!!!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pinewood Derby 2013

 I should have posted this forever ago but I am always running behind.  This is Tytons first Pinewood Derby.  He loved it!!  He took 2nd in Speed:)  Nate took 2nd in Show and this is his last Pinewood Derby.  They had a great time and I must say that I think our cars get better each year.  We had a lot of fun with these two!! Grateful for boys:)

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Scatter Sunshine Floral!!

So I had this crazy idea to open a flower shop.  At one point and time our little town had three of them and then all of a sudden we had none.  I tossed the idea around and gave it great thought (and prayer) and decided to go for it.  I must say that I have felt love and encouragement from my dad through it all.  It was as if he was patting me on the back saying "you can do this", "this will be a blessing to the community and your family"!!  So - we got to work  -ripped out carpet and got the room ready. It is located her at my house in what used to be called the office and it has an outside entrance so it works perfectly.  I officially opened on April 1st.  I opened at a great time with Prom, Mothers Day and Graduation right around the corner.  I have loved every minute of it.  I have especially loved the late night hours with my daughter Carly.  I don't know what I am going to do when she moves away for school.  I will be LOST without her.  I am looking forward to this new adventure called Scatter Sunshine Floral!!

These are a few Mothers Day arrangements that we did:)

This was a simple arrangement that I did for my sister Tiffani for Mothers Day.  She loves gerbera daisies so I tagged each daisy with one of her kids name on it and found this adorable bucket to put them in!
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