Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tender Mercies!!

These two "love birds" where in a car accident on Monday night.  They were protected and I am so grateful. They were on their way home from the ranch and JT was driving and going a little to fast.  Although to his defense washboard roads don't help the situation any. The vehicle started to fish tail - leading him into a ditch - over correcting - causing the vehicle to flip.  Lexi hit her head pretty hard and JT had a lot of cuts on his left arm where the driver side window smashed in. The car which he barely purchased a month ago is now totaled.  Needles to say, they were pretty banged up and JT was super concerned about Lexi.  He was able to call my mom on his cell phone (which is another tender mercy because you never have cell service out there) his call went right through and she came to their rescue and drove them into town to our house. We tried to get a hold of Lexi's parents because we thought she might have a concussion.  We were unable to reach them so JT drove her home to ShowLow and I followed behind him to give him a ride back.  I am so very thankful for tender mercies and gardian angels, they were abundant Monday night!!
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He arrived Saturday November 10th               (11-10-12)

Proud Granddad!!  I just have to do a little "shout out" to my hubby.  We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary Wednesday (11-14) and I can't imagine growing old with anybody else.  Love ya babe!!

Of course we love this picture - he weighed 7lbs 3 oz and they named him.............   

The Mallory family - we are grateful that all went well and that mommy and baby are doing great.  What a blessing it is to have a new little one in the family.  He's Heaven!!
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Football Awards Banquet!!

Love these boys!!!
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