Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love the saying "SAME OLD CRAP, JUST A DIFFERENT DAY"!! What did you do today?? Here are just a few things that went down today....

Started the morning off with a biggest loser workout that was suppose to take me 40 minutes to do but instead it took me 1 hour 15 minutes because I kept getting interrupted !! Yes - I love you honey and I really didn't mind bringing you your wallet but when you said you would meet me outside the building I thought you meant right then not 15 minutes later. I definitely couldn't bring it to you in your classroom because I LOOKED and SMELT like POO:)

I then got ready for the day and drove myself to Snowflake for a boob smashing experience haha!! HUM - what do I LOVE more mammograms or pap smears?? I really can't decide, I think it's a tie!!

I then came home to 7 piano lessons. Children that needed their mom, homework that couldn't get done unless I was sitting by their side keeping them on task. I finally told the one child I was setting the buzzer for 30 minutes and if he got his homework done I would take him to Circle K to buy whatever he wanted and I meant WHATEVER (except for beer, maybe I should buy myself one)!! Surprised and shocked the child beat the buzzer and totally bothered me through the rest of my piano lessons wondering when I was going to take him. I hurried and got dinner on and jumped in the car to go reward the child I had bribed. I got home to find an IRATE child screaming in his room who was sent there by his father because he was pitching a huge fit because he didn't get to go. I then dealt with ATTITUDE and comments like these the rest of the night...
I don't like this family.
I want to go live somewhere else.
I am not picking up my room and you can't make me (which he had destroyed while timing out)!!
I am not going to school tomorrow.
You are so mean.
Dad is so mean.
I am not sleeping in my bed.

After dealing with ALL of that I went to switch out the laundry to find out that I had over looked/left a chap stick in a pocket and it melted all over the pants:( I then spent 30 minutes with the "spray and wash" bottle, which I didn't mind because it wasn't talking back!!!!!!

Yep - same old crap, just a different day!!!!