Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I love the saying "SAME OLD CRAP, JUST A DIFFERENT DAY"!! What did you do today?? Here are just a few things that went down today....

Started the morning off with a biggest loser workout that was suppose to take me 40 minutes to do but instead it took me 1 hour 15 minutes because I kept getting interrupted !! Yes - I love you honey and I really didn't mind bringing you your wallet but when you said you would meet me outside the building I thought you meant right then not 15 minutes later. I definitely couldn't bring it to you in your classroom because I LOOKED and SMELT like POO:)

I then got ready for the day and drove myself to Snowflake for a boob smashing experience haha!! HUM - what do I LOVE more mammograms or pap smears?? I really can't decide, I think it's a tie!!

I then came home to 7 piano lessons. Children that needed their mom, homework that couldn't get done unless I was sitting by their side keeping them on task. I finally told the one child I was setting the buzzer for 30 minutes and if he got his homework done I would take him to Circle K to buy whatever he wanted and I meant WHATEVER (except for beer, maybe I should buy myself one)!! Surprised and shocked the child beat the buzzer and totally bothered me through the rest of my piano lessons wondering when I was going to take him. I hurried and got dinner on and jumped in the car to go reward the child I had bribed. I got home to find an IRATE child screaming in his room who was sent there by his father because he was pitching a huge fit because he didn't get to go. I then dealt with ATTITUDE and comments like these the rest of the night...
I don't like this family.
I want to go live somewhere else.
I am not picking up my room and you can't make me (which he had destroyed while timing out)!!
I am not going to school tomorrow.
You are so mean.
Dad is so mean.
I am not sleeping in my bed.

After dealing with ALL of that I went to switch out the laundry to find out that I had over looked/left a chap stick in a pocket and it melted all over the pants:( I then spent 30 minutes with the "spray and wash" bottle, which I didn't mind because it wasn't talking back!!!!!!

Yep - same old crap, just a different day!!!!


Aunt Tiff said...

i know I shouldn't be laughing...but I am!! It just all sounds WAY too familiar:)

Dana said...

Soooo glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has to deal with kids like that. In fact it sounds just like my Monday. Hang in there.

Camron and Lonna Connolly said...

I laughed too! But It's just to keep from crying! ;) (Knights Tale) I am sure you deal with this stuff almost every day! I know it doesn't seam like it but some day when they have children of their own they will appreciate you. I call my mom and tell her about my no good very bad days and she just laughs! And she tells me I should do the same . . . Hang in there! You really are the 2nd best mom in the world;)

tenney_fam said...

Hopefully the next day goes better! A girl can dream right!