Saturday, November 28, 2009


This weekend we had the opportunity to travel to Tucson and spend some time with family. We were able to see my father-in-law who has been pretty sick lately, he is such an amazing man and we are not sure what next Thanksgiving will bring but we are very GRATEFUL for the time we were able to spend with him this weekend. We LOVE you granddad:)

This song from Sally Deford pretty much sums up my feelings the last little while and especially this weekend.

In all thy works I see thy glory
In mighty wonders, in small and simple things
My heart rejoices in the bounty set before me
And my grateful spirit sings

Each rising sun tells of thy goodness
The rain proclaims thee in the life it brings
All creation bears thee sure and silent witness
And my grateful spirit sings

The stars that crown the realms of space
Reflect the image of thy grace
The rolling seas, the earth and sky
Declare thy pow'r, thy majesty and might

I see thy hand in man's compassion
Thou art the font of kindness whence it springs
Thy boundless charity hath wrought my soul's salvation
And my grateful spirit sings

For changeless love and endless mercy
For countless blessings beyond the wealth of kings
For every perfect gift thou sendest, Lord, I praise thee
And my grateful spirit sings

I LOVE this song and my GRATEFUL SPIRIT SINGS!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Saturday was our 23rd Wedding Anniversary!!!! The majority of our anniversaries have been spent at football games. I must admit that at times I have been a little bitter or resentful of the fact that football takes precedence over our MARRIAGE!!! I have had plenty of PITTY parties trying to work through it and this is what I have discovered...
***Our marriage is better when we play on the same team, I have a tendency to always want to play on the DEFENSE!!
***Our marriage has experienced a few penalties -ROUGHING THE KICKER - OFF SIDES - UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS - UN SPORTSMAN LIKE CONDUCT - HOLDING - ILLEGAL USE OF THE HANDS - FACE MASK - CLIPPING -(I definitely have had a few of these called on me through the years)!!!!
***When Christ is the CENTER of our marriage, it doesn't matter who's the QB!
***Our children have become our biggest FANS!!!
***Walking off the FIELD and quiting is never an option!!!
I love you Tim and I am so grateful that I was your "FIRST DRAFT PICK"!!!!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

LAST week of FOOTBALL!!!

"If my mother put on a helmet, shoulder pads and a uniform that wasn't the same as the one I was wearing, I'd run over her if she was in my way and I LOVE my mother"! Bo Jackson
I think this quote is GREAT!!! It has been interesting to watch JT this week as he's prepared for his FINAL football game this Saturday. The other night he came in my room and sat on the edge of my bed and commented how this is the END, the LAST week of practice and his LAST football game:) I just sat there listened and smiled. So, JT here are some words of advice from your mother who has never played the game but has watched PLENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We LOVE you Bubba - good luck this Saturday!!!
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Maryjane!!!

Our sweet little Mary celebrated her 6th birthday!!! It was a fun family party with a ton of cousins. Champ helped her blow out her candles, we had to light them twice!!

I love this pic - she is sooo excited!!! She got just what she wanted!!!

This is the sweetest present that her cousin Porter gave to her. He drew a picture at the top and it reads... Dear Mary,
I love you so much that I would do anything for you.
I will love you forever.
Love Porter

She is my play doh girl - she loves this stuff - it makes a pretty good mess but it keeps her, nate and tyton busy for hours - so I think it's way worth it!!!

We love you Mary and we are so happy that you are in our home. We don't know what tomorrow will bring, but we THANK Heavenly Father for EVERYDAY that we have with you!!!!
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FaMiLy FuN!!!

For F.H.E. we split up into teams and carved pumpkins. We had a FUN time and I was grateful that my "big" kids where so kind and patient with the "little" ones.

Dylan - Tyton - Macky - their pumpkin was pretty funky and cool looking!!

Brock was teamed up with JT - notice JT is no where to be found:) JT cleaned out the pumpkin and told Brock that he could work his "carving magic" on the thing - he said he didn't want another stubby finger:) - I think it was just an excuse to watch the football game on T.V.

Nate and I had a great time - SPOOKY !!!! (I'm referring to myself not the pumpkin)
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October 23rd - I was able to go with Mary on her first official field trip. We went to the Pumpkin Patch in Snowflake. It was a lot of fun and Tyton was even able to go with us. We had a great time in the corn maze and picking pumpkins. It didn't take the kids very long to pick out their pumpkin (30 seconds at the most).

Tyton had a great time and was so glad that he got to go. He loved riding on the school bus there and back.

Mary's Kindergarten class.

I love this photo - I have so many memories of playing "red rover" - at one point in the game Mary went up on the hill behind her and started pouting because she hadn't been picked. I thought it was hilarious!!!
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Senior Night!!

On Friday October 23rd - JT had senior night. All the senior football players line up on the field and are recognized/spotlighted. They read a little blurb that each senior has written about themselves and of course JT's was very entertaining:) He mentioned coming home from his mission and ranching with Monti Hancock:)

It was a bitter/sweet night for me. I was a little bitter at my son for wishing his life away, ever since he was in jr high he just couldn't wait to be a senior and be on that football field. He wanted it to hurry and get here and it has. It's sweet in the fact that he is very driven and has accomplished a lot in this sport. It's even sweeter that his Uncle Ron and dad are his coaches and that he gets to play along side his cousin Chace. JT is a lot like his dad, he LOVES this game and spends many hours working hard, watching film and dreaming of big plays:)

Aunt Melz - Uncle Ron - Chace
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