Monday, December 20, 2010


Gracilyn Mallory was born (early) Sunday 12-19-10
6 lbs 9 0z 20 inches long

We couldn't wait to meet her - as soon as church was over we were on our way.

It is as if I am looking at Carly (22 years ago) all over again.

She is the BEST Christmas present ever!! We are so grateful that all went well. I pretty much pulled an all nighter worrying about her mommy until she arrived safely. They would call me with updates but everything, especially the time seemed to be moving in slow motion. Carly arrived at the hospital a little before 1:00 am and she was born around 4:30 am, not to shabby for a first time mom. I ran into the bedroom with my cell phone to show Tim a picture. I was telling him, "She's Here, She's Here" and Tim thought I meant Carly was at the front door needing to be let in hahaha - he was oblivious to what was going on and I had been an absolute mess the whole night!!! Our cup runneth over!!
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to my "MAIN SQUEEZE"!!


Happy Birthday Tim!!
One year OLDER and WISER too!!

I really am grateful for this man, he means the world to me. I believe he gets the shaft having a birthday so close to Christmas but he never complains. He has the same birthday wish year after year and that is TACOS for his birthday dinner:) I am just glad I know how to make them the "right" way hehehe

Happy 46th - CHEERS to at least 40 more !!!!!!
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Yea - Wrestling is OVER!!


On Saturday Brock had his final Wrestling Tournament. He had a pretty successful season and seemed to really enjoy this sport. I grew up with a house full of boys that LOVED this sport and were very good at it but I think it is STRESSFUL!!! I am grateful that Brock didn't have to cut weight or that would have been even more stressful:) I love this kid - he is a pretty mellow fellow. Mellow and wrestling really don't go that well together but he had a good experience and now we are on to basketball season.

I saw the funniest t-shirt at the tournament it said... "I would rather wrestle and wear a singlet, then play basketball and dribble in my shorts"!!!! hahaha
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Oh Christmas Tree!!


This year our annual Christmas tree cutting was scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving. We usually go the day after Thanksgiving but this year we went the day before because of my mom and dads Temple schedule. Tyton woke up that morning throwing up so I stayed home with him and sent the rest of the family. They had a great time and Tim and Macky cut us a beautiful tree. I am grateful for family traditions and the memories we have made through the years. I really missed going this year but didn't want to show my emotions because I didn't want Tyton to feel bad:( I am so thankful for my family and for the fun, crazy moments that we have shared together!! A FAMILY THAT PLAYS TOGETHER, STAYS TOGETHER!!!!
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Showered with LOVE!!


On Novemer 11th, we had a baby shower for Carly. I am amazed at the love, kindness, support and generosity of friends and family. It was a beautiful evening full of fun and laughter. Afterwards, Carly just sat there in awe, overwhelmed with every one's kindness. I am grateful for the "small town" that we live in and the love and support that we give each other. She definitely was SHOWERED!!! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone!!!
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