Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Mallory Family!!!

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Sweet-Sweet picture!

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Do I look tired?

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Our Newest Family Photo!!

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This past week-end has been absolutely amazing. So many emotions/feelings have run through my heart. It is an experience to marry off a child, let alone your oldest and only daughter. I do have to say that it has been a wonderful experience. I loved being the mother of the bride. I have had a ton of fun planning and pulling off this wedding. Carly was so easy going, which made things nice and I truly enjoyed myself. Her Temple sealing is hard for me to express and put into words. I was so overcome with love for our Heavenly Father and his beautiful plan and ALL that it entails. It was so overwhelming to be in the Temple with all of my siblings and their spouses and others that I love so much. My Dad was able to perform their sealing he was so tender/emotional and there was such a sweet spirit there. Pure Joy - I felt like my heart was going to burst!!!! It was a beautiful day and I am so blessed!!!

Sunday evening when things had calmed down a little, Tim and I were able to talk about our amazing week-end. We both had an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thankfulness for family and friends that eased our burden in so many ways. When you think about all the things that have to take place to actually pull off a wedding our family and friends were there from the beginning to the end. We couldn't have done it with out you, we are so thankful for you and thankful for the many hours that you spent in our families behalf.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Waiting Up For Kids!!!!

I am sitting here waiting for my 3 year old to GO TO SLEEP!!! He took a late nap (need I say more). I definantly don't sleep when he is in my bed, so I usually just wait it out and try to get things done around the house until he finally calls it a night. I have thought a lot about the many hours my parents (mainly my mom) spent waiting up for one of her children. When you have teenagers you wait up and worry a lot. Thanks mom for waiting up for me. I always enjoyed our late night visits. Then it totally dawned on me that I am not going to have to wait up for Carly anymore. WOW!! That is totally sad, it makes my heart ache. I've spent sooo much time waiting. Waiting for their first step, first word, first day of school, first talk in primary, first football game, first time to pass the sacrament, first prom date etc. So, tonight at 11:50 pm I have decided I can WAIT!!!!!!!!! I AM IN NO HURRY!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chocolate Milk and Donuts!!

I Love Conference Time!! We started this tradition many years ago with our children, in hopes that conference time would be a special time for them. Not only do they get to "feast" upon Chocolate Milk and donuts, they also get to "feast" upon the words of Christ, by his living Prophets. It only happens twice a year (and yes that is the only time I buy them). It has been a tradition that we really enjoy and it is one that I hope my children take with them when they leave. I am so thankful for this past week-end and for the spiritual nourishment I received.