Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nates Very First Break!!!

You can't raise kids without scrapes, bumps, bruises, stitches or breaks. Nate was playing next door with cousins and they decided to go on a Jungle Safari in the bedroom closet, swinging and climbing like monkeys from shelf to pole!! Well - closet Safari's are dangerous and lessons are learned:-) He is sooo proud of his camouflage cast. Remember the good ol' days when casts were plaster and only came in the color WHITE.

Hopefully in a few days he will be getting it off - It has been a LONG 3 weeks!!
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Tradition - Tradition!!

At General Conference time we have had the tradition of chocolate milk and white donuts for breakfast. I know that it's a silly tradition but my kids love it!! They know that when we have those 2 things for breakfast that it is Conference time:-) This is Gracilyns first attempt with white donuts - Grandad, what the heck are you feeding me???

This year in between sessions we made these silly Halloween jars. Super easy and super fun!!
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First Time Soccer Players!!

We loved teasing Mary when she was the goalie - she either had her hands in her shirt or tangled up in the net!!
Soccer came to Heber!!! Nate, Mary and Tyon had their first soccer season. Hopefully there will be many more to come:-) They had a great time learning a new sport. Nate and Mary were on the same team with Melanie Ulmer as their coach and Tyton was coached by Annette Reidhead. A big thanks to them for putting up with my kids and a HUGE thank you to Sandy Tenney and those who helped make soccer possible this year!!!!
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Thanks Grandpa!!

This year my dad grew the best PUMPKIN PATCH ever!! The kids had a ton of fun going out to the ranch. They picked their very own pumpkin and fed corn to the steers. We have had our pumpkins sitting by our front door for weeks and numerous visitors have commented on how lucky we are to have them. We have learned that pumpkin prices have sky rocketed $$$$$ We LOVE you grandpa!Thanks for saving us $ at the grocery story!!
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday!!

On the 6th of this month this monkey turned nine!!! CRAZY!!! Seems like yesterday when we first picked him up from the zoo!!! When I tuck in my little ones the night of their birthday, I share with them my feelings about their birth. With this guy I tell him how fun it was to go to the zoo and see the cutest little monkey swinging from a tree and how we had to wait until dark to sneak him out of the zoo:-) We laugh and giggle and then I tell him how he really came to our family (he was born in my heart). I am grateful that he's mine and for the things that he teaches me daily. He has taught me to step out of the box and be creative in my mothering skills. He has taught me that being different is a beautiful thing and uniqueness should be celebrated!!!! Happy Birthday Nate Dawg!!!
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Crazy hair day - Crazy kids!!

The week of Homecoming the school does all these crazy days. These 3 got to go to school in their pajamas, do their hair all crazy, dress up real pretty and show school spirit on pride day!!! This is the best I could do for crazy hair day. Actually, everyday is crazy hair day when you need a hair cut:-)

These 3 rock my world but dang their cute!!!
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Pee Wee Wrestling!!

My boys came home a few weeks ago from school with this paper about a Pee Wee Wrestling Tournament. When Tyton walked in the door he had the paper in his hand and was yelling "Can I do it, can I do it, can I do it?" I told him he could:-) Nate walks in the door and I ask him to get all the papers out of his backpack and get going on homework. I asked him if he wanted to do the wrestling tournament and he looks at me and says "Mom -I just don't think I have it in me this year!" I started laughing and told him that I didn't know if I had it in me this year either. Tyton had a great time - he ended up wrestling all his friends. My favorite match was when he wrestled Payton, when the match was over they gave each other the biggest hug!!!
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Football for Brock is OVER!!

Yep - it's over!!! Brock had a great jr high football season. He was the QB for his team and with each game showed more confidence and improvement. He had a great time and they even WON a few games. I know that sounds mean to say but in the past our jr high teams have not done so well. Some highlights this season .....Close game with Round Valley....Victory over Sequoia and Joseph City:-)
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Macky's Eagle Project

Macky FINALLY got his Eagle Project done!!! He worked closely with Brother Bigler and did his project at the cemetery. He had great support from his family and friends and they all worked hard. They raked, bagged and hauled off a ton of brush. I think they made three different trips to the dump. Super glad that it is over with and very thankful to everyone who helped:-)
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where have all the years gone??

Happy Birthday to my #1 Blessing from Heaven!!
Blesssings come daily from heaven but in my 44 years on this earth I have recieved seven large packages from up above!!!
They have all arrived just when I needed them and I am grateful that she came first.
She is wise beyond her years and an angel from above.
She brightens my day and has become one of my best friends.
I thank Heavenly Father everday for sending her to me and for the priviledge of being her mother.
Happy Birthday Carly!!!
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