Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday!!

On the 6th of this month this monkey turned nine!!! CRAZY!!! Seems like yesterday when we first picked him up from the zoo!!! When I tuck in my little ones the night of their birthday, I share with them my feelings about their birth. With this guy I tell him how fun it was to go to the zoo and see the cutest little monkey swinging from a tree and how we had to wait until dark to sneak him out of the zoo:-) We laugh and giggle and then I tell him how he really came to our family (he was born in my heart). I am grateful that he's mine and for the things that he teaches me daily. He has taught me to step out of the box and be creative in my mothering skills. He has taught me that being different is a beautiful thing and uniqueness should be celebrated!!!! Happy Birthday Nate Dawg!!!
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JENNE said...

You know he looks so much like you, I do believe he was born in your heart.
You are a beautiful example of unconditional love!! 'Cause look you always loved me:)