Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tender Mercies!!

These two "love birds" where in a car accident on Monday night.  They were protected and I am so grateful. They were on their way home from the ranch and JT was driving and going a little to fast.  Although to his defense washboard roads don't help the situation any. The vehicle started to fish tail - leading him into a ditch - over correcting - causing the vehicle to flip.  Lexi hit her head pretty hard and JT had a lot of cuts on his left arm where the driver side window smashed in. The car which he barely purchased a month ago is now totaled.  Needles to say, they were pretty banged up and JT was super concerned about Lexi.  He was able to call my mom on his cell phone (which is another tender mercy because you never have cell service out there) his call went right through and she came to their rescue and drove them into town to our house. We tried to get a hold of Lexi's parents because we thought she might have a concussion.  We were unable to reach them so JT drove her home to ShowLow and I followed behind him to give him a ride back.  I am so very thankful for tender mercies and gardian angels, they were abundant Monday night!!
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He arrived Saturday November 10th               (11-10-12)

Proud Granddad!!  I just have to do a little "shout out" to my hubby.  We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary Wednesday (11-14) and I can't imagine growing old with anybody else.  Love ya babe!!

Of course we love this picture - he weighed 7lbs 3 oz and they named him.............   

The Mallory family - we are grateful that all went well and that mommy and baby are doing great.  What a blessing it is to have a new little one in the family.  He's Heaven!!
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Football Awards Banquet!!

Love these boys!!!
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Monday, October 29, 2012


The Phoenix Cardinals have a program that supports High School Football around the State of Arizona.  They pick a coach of the week and then come to that school and award the coach and team.  Well - Coach Slade was picked this year and they came bearing gifts!!  Every boy and coach was given a Phoenix Cardinals shirt and then they presented the football program with a $1000.00 check.

Another highlight this year was Tim and JT being able to coach together.  With JT getting off his mission in August he decided to stick around and work which allowed him to help Tim this year as the JV coach.  I know that JT learned a lot being mentored by his dad and a few times Tim had to get after him for running his mouth =)  It was a treat for me to watch them on the side lines together.

Nothing makes a mom happier then when she sees her children celebrate each others success.  Macky had an amazing season and every time something good would happen JT and Brock would be so happy and excited for him.  A lot of high fives, chest bumps, butt slaps and hugs took place!!!

I love these boys!!!  I am grateful for the life lessons that are learned through school sports. It truly was a family event this year, with two coaching, two playing and the rest of us watching and yelling!!  I know the loss against Bagdad this last Friday was tough (especially for Macky) but this season was a special one for me!!!  
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Elder Slade is HOME!!

All of the family waiting for him to get off the plane.  We didn't expect this kind of support but I think our entire family needed a little lift and some joyous celebration after losing grandpa.
Tim and I anxiously waiting - It was the neatest feeling to FINALLY see him walking down the gate.

                              J.T. and Grandma Tenney! - I love this pic
                                                      Me and my boy!!
The family - we are missing Nicholas, Carly and Gracilyn - they were on a family trip to South Carolina - Carly and Gracilyn flew in the next morning so Carly wouldn't miss grandpas funeral.
We met Slade family at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast the next morning so JT could see Granddad and Nana and Aunt Shirley and her family. We didn't have much time to visit because we had to get back so the boys could dress grandpa and we could get things ready for his viewing. Aunt Tiff and UB picked up Carly and Gracilyn at the airport for us. These two have always been pretty close and it was his first time to see Gracilyn in person=)

We have had so many blessings come to our family for having a full time missionary in the field.  He was a great missionary and I am so thankful for his example to his brothers and for serving the Lord. Coming home is a difficult thing for a missionary and coming home to a family mourning makes it even harder. When we knew that my dad wasn't going to make it through the week and that his funeral would be the next weekend (the weekend JT was coming home) we contacted JT's mission president (Pres. Riggs) and told him our situation and asked if JT could possibly fly home early so it wouldn't interfere with my dads viewing and funeral services.  He immediately got to work and changed his flight.  He arrived  (August 16th)  Thursday night around 11:30 pm.  We were so surprised with the outpouring of love and support when he returned and we know it was a huge sacrifice for many.  I know JT wasn't expecting to have all the family there but it was a neat time a happy time (which by the way, we ALL needed).  I am just really grateful for my eternal family.  FAMILY IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!  Welcome Home Elder Slade - JT - Bubba!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Priceless Pictures!!

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I came across this quote...
"The greatest test of faith
 is when you don't get
what you want, but still
 you are able to say

This quote really pulls at my heart strings, I definitely did not get what I wanted, I wanted to keep my daddy around forever and that didn't happen but I still am able to say THANK YOU LORD!!
It has been extremely hard for me to be able to blog my feelings about my dad.  I have attempted numerous times and ended up walking away from the computer. I understand the term "battling cancer" a whole lot more, it was not just his battle, it became our entire family's battle.  In the beginning I felt like it was beatable and I just knew he would be made whole.  He had been on the Lords errand my whole life and I  knew the Lord would perform a miracle and heal him.  As time went on I gained a testimony about a term that I was familiar with, one that I had heard over and over again - "Thy Will".  I have knelt many times for others and prayed that the Lord's Will would be done but this time it was harder than ever.  When you love and adore someone so much you want them around FOREVER!! He was the first man that I gave my heart to, the first man I felt safe with, the first man who told me I was beautiful.  He was my ROCK, the one I turned to for counsel and advice, he was full of wisdom.  I quickly learned to appreciate every day that I had left with him.  I was blessed to accompany him and my mom on doctor visits and procedures that were hard and extremely painful for him.  Many times I would have to leave the room so I could compose myself, not fall apart and be strong for both of them. I treasure those times together, especially the fishing trip Tiff and I were able to take with him to Lee's Ferry.  We had such a fun time together!!!  I will never forget the time when we went to his last doctors appointment in the Valley and we met a pain management doctor (Dr Sterns).  That is an appropriate name for her because she was very "stern" and made it very clear that my dad didn't have much time left.  I sat in the room feeling like my heart was being ripped out of my chest.  He told her that he had a few more things on his bucket list and she told him to get busy!!  When we finally got to the car all three of us broke down and had a good cry. My dad then called this lady that he was suppose to perform her sons sealing in the Temple that weekend and told her how yucky he was feeling and that he wasn't going to be able to do it.  He just wept with her over the phone because he longed to be in the Temple again serving  the Lord and others.  He then turned to my mom and asked her to get some money out of his wallet and call  my cousin who is battling with cancer in her leg and go by and see her. It was a really neat experience for me, a teaching moment, he continued to teach me to the very end.  I have many experiences and stories I could share but feel that they are too sacred and personal.  As a family we experienced tender mercy after tender mercy.  I have so much to be thankful for!!  Forever grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for allowing me the privilege of being raised by such an amazing man.  Love you Daddy!!!         8-8-2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


jUmPiNg FoR jOy ThAt ScHoOl Is StArTiNg!!

School officially started on the 8th of August. These 3 kiddos bring me a lot of JOY ! I sure do LOVE them.
**Nate 9 and in the 4th grade
**Mary 8 and in the 3rd grade
**Tyton 7 and in the 2nd grade
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Summer Time FUN?!?

I have never been a big fan of camping.  Camping to me is a pain in the rump!!  I guess growing up in the country and "living" in the woods leaves me wondering why one must go camping =)  My son in law Nicholas loves camping and hanging out in the woods. He had been begging Carly to go camping with him and they invited my 3 little guys.  I felt so bad because they went to ALL this WORK packed things up, hauled things out there, set things up and  ..........  SURPRISE.......RAIN!!!!

That my friends is another reason why I don't go camping!!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Brock!!

Brock had a birthday - we invited Ben and Tara and there family over for a BBQ on the 4th of July - and Tara brought this amazing red, white and blue cake over for us to eat - yum yum!!! And me being the most amazing mother -  yes I am waiting for the mother of the year award to come in the mail anyday now - I popped some candles into the cake and called Brock into the kitchen and said we are singing Happy Birthday to YOU -  he reminded me that it wasn't his birthday yet and I said it is NOW or NEVER!!!  We celebrated early but hey it's the thought that counts!!

I love this boy - he is amazing - so thankful that he is a mellow fellow - he is growing up and I don't like it!!
Super BLESSED to be his mom!!

Love you Brock - aka NEPHI
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Posted by PicasaHere is a picture of the slip n slide at Walsburg.  Sooo much FUN!! 

Family Trip to UTAH!!

Posted by PicasaThe end of June we took a family trip to Utah.  Our good friends (The Westfalls)  their daughter was getting married.  We decided to go to her wedding and use this time as a family get away.  We had such a good time.  Here are a few things we did while we were there....
We stayed at Sundance in a beautiful "bunk house".
We went and hiked Bridal Vail.
We played games and ate yummy food.
We went to the Timpanogos Temple.
We celebrated with Chace and Chelsae.
We golfed, swam and dug for treasures:-)
We went to Walsburg.
We went slip n sliding, zip lined, used pattle boats and ate elk burgers.
We attended Brooklyn's baby blessing.
We made memories and strengthened frienships!!