Monday, October 29, 2012


The Phoenix Cardinals have a program that supports High School Football around the State of Arizona.  They pick a coach of the week and then come to that school and award the coach and team.  Well - Coach Slade was picked this year and they came bearing gifts!!  Every boy and coach was given a Phoenix Cardinals shirt and then they presented the football program with a $1000.00 check.

Another highlight this year was Tim and JT being able to coach together.  With JT getting off his mission in August he decided to stick around and work which allowed him to help Tim this year as the JV coach.  I know that JT learned a lot being mentored by his dad and a few times Tim had to get after him for running his mouth =)  It was a treat for me to watch them on the side lines together.

Nothing makes a mom happier then when she sees her children celebrate each others success.  Macky had an amazing season and every time something good would happen JT and Brock would be so happy and excited for him.  A lot of high fives, chest bumps, butt slaps and hugs took place!!!

I love these boys!!!  I am grateful for the life lessons that are learned through school sports. It truly was a family event this year, with two coaching, two playing and the rest of us watching and yelling!!  I know the loss against Bagdad this last Friday was tough (especially for Macky) but this season was a special one for me!!!  
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Elder Slade is HOME!!

All of the family waiting for him to get off the plane.  We didn't expect this kind of support but I think our entire family needed a little lift and some joyous celebration after losing grandpa.
Tim and I anxiously waiting - It was the neatest feeling to FINALLY see him walking down the gate.

                              J.T. and Grandma Tenney! - I love this pic
                                                      Me and my boy!!
The family - we are missing Nicholas, Carly and Gracilyn - they were on a family trip to South Carolina - Carly and Gracilyn flew in the next morning so Carly wouldn't miss grandpas funeral.
We met Slade family at the Cracker Barrel for breakfast the next morning so JT could see Granddad and Nana and Aunt Shirley and her family. We didn't have much time to visit because we had to get back so the boys could dress grandpa and we could get things ready for his viewing. Aunt Tiff and UB picked up Carly and Gracilyn at the airport for us. These two have always been pretty close and it was his first time to see Gracilyn in person=)

We have had so many blessings come to our family for having a full time missionary in the field.  He was a great missionary and I am so thankful for his example to his brothers and for serving the Lord. Coming home is a difficult thing for a missionary and coming home to a family mourning makes it even harder. When we knew that my dad wasn't going to make it through the week and that his funeral would be the next weekend (the weekend JT was coming home) we contacted JT's mission president (Pres. Riggs) and told him our situation and asked if JT could possibly fly home early so it wouldn't interfere with my dads viewing and funeral services.  He immediately got to work and changed his flight.  He arrived  (August 16th)  Thursday night around 11:30 pm.  We were so surprised with the outpouring of love and support when he returned and we know it was a huge sacrifice for many.  I know JT wasn't expecting to have all the family there but it was a neat time a happy time (which by the way, we ALL needed).  I am just really grateful for my eternal family.  FAMILY IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!  Welcome Home Elder Slade - JT - Bubba!!!