Sunday, November 1, 2009

Senior Night!!

On Friday October 23rd - JT had senior night. All the senior football players line up on the field and are recognized/spotlighted. They read a little blurb that each senior has written about themselves and of course JT's was very entertaining:) He mentioned coming home from his mission and ranching with Monti Hancock:)

It was a bitter/sweet night for me. I was a little bitter at my son for wishing his life away, ever since he was in jr high he just couldn't wait to be a senior and be on that football field. He wanted it to hurry and get here and it has. It's sweet in the fact that he is very driven and has accomplished a lot in this sport. It's even sweeter that his Uncle Ron and dad are his coaches and that he gets to play along side his cousin Chace. JT is a lot like his dad, he LOVES this game and spends many hours working hard, watching film and dreaming of big plays:)

Aunt Melz - Uncle Ron - Chace
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tenney_fam said...

Man you are getting so old! JK I am so glad we were able to come watch the boys play. That was so fun to see you all. Love ya, see you at Thanksgiving.