Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thoughts of a Missionary Mom!!!

Posted by PicasaWhere has all the time gone?
Why didn't I just sit and hold him a little longer??
Why at times was I in a hurry to watch him grow??
Is he prepared?
Does he even know how to iron a shirt or sew on a button?
What can he even cook?
Why didn't we read more, pray more and focus more on "spiritual" things?
What will he miss more, me or his cell phone??
Does he know how grateful I am for his desire and worthiness to serve the Lord?
Does he know how much he will be missed??
Does he know how much I LOVE him?
Why is this so hard?
Someone who spends time away from loved ones so others can spend eternity with theirs!!!!!!!!!
If I make it through this next week it is going to be a MIRACLE!!!!!


Aunt Tiff said...

ok...now that i am sitting here bawling!! oh how i will miss this kid, and I can't even comprehend what you are feeling. I love you sis and you have been in my thoughts and prayers!!

tenney_fam said...

He will do an awesome job as a missionary because he has an awesome mom who taught him all the things he needs to know!

Shawna said...

Such a neat kid with such a neat mom. He will do great - thanks for your thoughts - makes me think a little more about my life!! Good luck you are amazing!

troy and melani said...

wow that is so neat and exciting for you guys. You guys have amazing kids you should be proud!

ron&melz said...

What a coincidence that I checked your blog today as I sit here at work with Chace's unopened call. A new phase in our life's that I personally am not sure I am ready to face. You are an amazing lady that has such a special way of always knowing just what to say. I look forward to sharing the next two years of these boys lives with you. Love and appreciate you so much!! Melz

Melis said...

Jami. It's Melissa (Pond) Ballard. I saw you made a comment on Shawna's blog and had to check! I'm so glad I did (I didn't know you blog). Just on Sunday, I was thinking about your J.T. I was laughing and telling Ben about the first day you moved into the house next to ours in RV. We're sitting in our house and this cute little boy comes walking through the front door. He asks us where his Mom is and we didn't even know you. He got the wrong house and was a little confused, but came over many times after that to feed the fish! He was ONE cute kid! Now he is all grown and leaving to DC. That is Awesome! I am so happy for your family. It will be such a great time for him. Congratulations to him. What a great mother you are! Coincidently, I have been asking myself these same questions as I am getting ready to send my children to another year of school! And it's NOTHING in comparison to a Mission. I can't even imagine the feeling of sending you sweet little boy (now a man) off into the world. I am wishing you the best!

I too have a blog but it's private. I would love to invite you if you would like! My email is benandmelis@gmail.com. Your family is BEAUTIFUL and I am glad I found you on here :)

Love, Melissa

amanda.hall said...

Such a sweet post Aunt Jami! I am so excited for JT and Chace as they begin this important and life changing journey. I know T will be great and I can't wait to hear about his experiences!

debrajo said...

Oh, Jami! It makes me cry to read this, and now I look at my little Tyson and think, "I should have held him more today before he fell asleep."

JT is a fantastic kid. We love him, too. He's going to be AMAZING on his mission! We'll pray for you, too! (Maybe we can get Mike & Erin to slip him cookies every now and then, as they live over there right now.)