Thursday, May 28, 2009


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Meet "Cowboy Bubba"!! He loves horses and in his spare time he is saddling up one of the Hancock's horses and off he goes. He came by the house one afternoon while on a ride and thrilled the whole neighborhood:) Giddy up!!!
Last night we went to Seminary Graduation. It was a great graduation and I was spiritually fed. I loved seminary while I was in high school but as a mother I love it even more. It is a blessing in my children's lives and I am grateful that we have release time seminary at our school. After graduation they set apart the new seminary council and JT was called to be the council president. President Farr set Jt apart and after he was finished he made the comment that when he is done serving as a Stake President that JT would be married with kids - CRAZY !!!! Once again I am blasted in the face that I am running out of Time with this amazing child of mine - I better get it together!! The council consists of JT, Dominic Beaufeaux, Chase Tenney, Lisa Heder, Sherida Crandell and Laura Weber. Great kids doing great things!!


Aunt Tiff said...

I am having a hard time believing he is going to be a senior!! What happened to the little rollie pollie Bubba? Now he is a womanizing, chick magnet!!! He is a good boy, and I do have to say that he looks quite handsome in cowboy get up!!

Travis & Kalee Tenney said...

That's awesome JT! Good for you! You are such a good example to your cousins (my kids). We love you! Aunt Kalee & Family

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures Jami - Bishop and family. Very proud of you JT, WoW time does fly by. We are so proud of all of you, and even our Nate..... Love You All Uncle Jack & Aunt Val