Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Macky is headed for High School!!!

On May 29th Macky had his 8th grade promotion. It is CRAZY to think that my little "Joseph Mckay Buddy Cowboy Slade" is headed to High School!!! We will have a freshman and a senior attending M.H.S. this year. I appreciate the young man that Macky is becoming. There is never a dull moment when Macky is around. He makes me laugh (and cry) and I am so grateful that we get to raise each other:) We LOVE you Macky!!

After the promotion we had the privilege of hanging out with Macky and his classmates at a party. We had a ton of fun but I must admit they are a little crazy and I was totally exhausted the next day!!

If you notice - he is a lot taller then me, but I can still whip his butt:)

Macky had to have his picture taken with Lindsey Crandell - aka "Red". She is such a sweet girl and a great friend. She is in our ward and it has been a treat to watch her grow. I think she is beautiful inside and out!!

Lucy and Frankie Lopez and Macky. Lucy and Frankie and their family live out on our family ranch. It has been neat to get to know them better the last few years, they are a great family - Frankie I totally dig your tie:)
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Aunt Tiff said...

Did you mean to say whip his butt or wipe his butt. I am sure you could still wipe his butt, but the question is WOULD you!!!

cturley said...

Hey hey hey two Slades in High School, the girls better watch out for these two. I just get a kick out of your boys they are fun to be around.