Saturday, June 20, 2009


Here's to the 2nd man who stole my heart - the 1st was my father!! I just wanted to wish you a Happy Fathers Day!! Thanks for taking such good care of our family and for being a great dad. There are so many things I love about you, here are just a few....
I love how you make me laugh
I love it when you make dinner - you're a GREAT cook
I appreciate your example of service - in the church and community
I admire your ability to teach/love the youth
I appreciate the priesthood that you hold and honor
I have been blessed and surrounded by amazing men - father - grandfathers - uncles - 7 brothers - HUSBAND -father-in-law - brothers- in- law - 5 sons and a son- in- law what more could a girl ask for!!!!
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amanda.hall said...

I love my Uncle Tim! I have been slackin on reading peoples blogs so I just got caught up on yours... I can't believe how big and grown up my little cousins are getting! That is awesome that JT is seminary council president. Can't wait to see you guys!