Monday, February 2, 2009

Poor Cardinals - It's ALL our Bishops fault!!

We were eating Sunday dinner as a family and Tim turned to me and said "I have a few visits I need to make tonight to some families". As he said it, he had a funny look on his face:) I took another bite of my food and it hit me, SUPER BOWL SUNDAY -Yeah I bet you have visits!!!!! What a clever Bishop:)

When he got home I asked him how his visits went and he said "TERRIBLE"!!


THANK YOU Carly and Nicholas for making us such a YUMMY dinner. It was nice to get home from meetings and have Sunday dinner ready and waiting. We LOVE you!!


Aunt Tiff said...

I want someone to make SUnday dinner for me...oh wait I do every Sunday:) It's ALL the bishops fault!

The Reidheads said...

Haha! Sounds just like him!! WOW to come home to a Sunday dinner waiting and ready!! I sure do miss you!! Love ya my friend!! :-)