Friday, February 20, 2009

Have you ever had a MORNING like this?????

Macky - "Mom - I don't have any pants to wear"!
Mom - "Macky - If you'd bring me your dirty clothes, you would have clean ones!"
Macky - "Mom - I did days ago"!
Mom - "Yeah - right"!!

Brock - "Mom - I can't find my shoes, have you seen them"?
Mom - "Brock - If you put them up where they belong, you would know where there at"!
Brock - "Mom - I did"!!
Mom - "Yeah - right"!! (they were in the back hallway)

J.T. - "Mom - I am out of hair mousse, do you have any"?
Mom - "NO - I am out of hair mousse, cause you've used all mine"!

Nate - "Mom - I can't find my backpack"!
Mom - "Nate - It's on your desk in your room"!
Nate - "NO IT'S NOT'!!
Mom - "YES IT IS"!! (it was on his desk)

Tim - "Hey Jami - have you seen my school keys"?
Jami - "No I haven't"!
Tim - "I think they are in my blue jacket - do you know where my jacket is"?
Jami - "It's in your closet hanging up"! (because I hung it up)

Pretty typical morning at the Slade home!!!
I love my family!!!!!


Aunt Tiff said...

Gosh that give me anxiety so bad!!! WAY to familiar sounding!!!

troy and melani said...

I LOVE knowing that I am not alone in this crazy thing called MOM!!!

The Reidheads said...

Hahaha! I "love" it Jami!! Sounds way to familiar! Gosh dang I miss you!!! Come visit SOON!!