Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sunday morning the "big" boys started putting a puzzle together, it is a challenge around here on Sundays to find an activity that helps keep the day HOLY:) They got about half of it put together and we headed for church. When we got home I asked them to move it off the table so we could get ready for dinner. We were ready to eat dinner and calling everyone to the table and we couldn't find Tyton, so I sent Nate to look for him. Nate finds him by the puzzle and the "big" boys were not happy saying if he messed up the puzzle, they were going to mess up him:). All of a sudden Nate yells out "Tyton you're a Genius"!! Tyton had finished putting the puzzle together:) So, the rest of the night we called him "Genius" and since then he has been putting 75 piece puzzles together!!!

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