Tuesday, February 17, 2009

School Projects Are Stressful!!!

My 5th grader has a report due tomorrow on a President of the United States. Not only is his report due but he also needs a "FLOAT"!! He will parade this float in front of the class and as the float goes by, classmates should be able to identify who the President is that he has chosen:) He chose Theodore Roosevelt and as he was gathering things for his float, he decided to us a cow with a fence around it because Pres. Roosevelt was a rancher. Well the cow belongs to Tyton and Tyton started to FREAK OUT!!! I pulled him aside and reassured him that Brock would bring the cow back. He was crying and I asked him why he was so upset. This is what he told me, "Mom - my cow won't float - cows don't know how to swim - how deep is the water going to be"!!!



cturley said...

Hey I remember the float thing last year. Glad it is over now I have research papers and science projects. When will this ever end.

Aunt Tiff said...

I am still laughing at Tyton...he is so cute. I HATE projects!!

Shawna said...

That is so funny. I heard about these floats from Bridget and she said she really liked Brocks. I told her to take lots of notes so she would know just what to do next year.

JENNE said...

You are so Funny! I love to get to know whats happening in your life and I am still in AWE of you all these years later!!
Hey, my husbands name is Roger if you want to add him to your side bar. I feel like a loner.
Love YOU!