Thursday, March 5, 2009

We LOVE you Lewis Jess!!

It's been a while since I've posted. I just wanted to express my feelings in regards to this test/trial that my sweet niece Jesse and her husband Alvin are experiencing. Most of you know that their baby Lewis Jess had surgery on his heart yesterday. It was a long day for them, as well as all of us. I've wished so bad the last little while and especially yesterday that I could take it ALL away. I've wanted to take it ALL away for their whole entire family. You really do examine your life and try to put yourself in their shoes. I am so impressed with their faith, courage and strength. This test for them has really been a testimony builder to me. As we have fasted and prayed for them, the spirit has been so strong and reiterated to my soul certain things. I know that Heavenly Father presented a beautiful plan for his children and yes we chose to be a part of this plan and we actually shouted for JOY (can you imagine that). This plan included his son, our elder brother and his test/trial while here on this earth makes it possible for us to return home. I know at one point the Savior turned to our Heavenly Father and said "Thy will, Oh Lord, be done." Which is so hard to say, let alone do, I appreciate the Saviors example!! I know that the priesthood is the power and authority of God here on the earth and I am so grateful that through this priesthood, ordinances are performed and FAMILIES are ETERNAL!!!! Through it all, this gives me great hope and peace and my testimony is strengthened.

My love and prayers go out to this sweet little family!
SWEET is the PEACE the GOSPEL brings!!

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Aunt Tiff said...

WEll said!!! You amaze me sis!! WE have an amazing family...that is for sure!