Monday, March 30, 2009


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Macky turned 15 on the 25th of March. He always gets the shaft because his b-day is during spring break. Tim and I have missed a couple of his birthdays through the years because we have been gone. This year Tim took Macky and a couple of his friends to ShowLow to eat Papa Johns and go bowling. I can't believe that in September he will be driving the streets of Heber (everyone - watch out:)
Macky loves games (anything that has to do with battles and armies). He loves spending time playing computer games with UB - aka Uncle Brandon. He is pretty helpful and at times I don't give him enough praise for All the things that he does for me. He is pretty savey with the girls, he gets that from his dad, he is a "Little Romeo" !! He tries hard to befriend the friendless and sticks up for the under dog. He makes us laugh and quotes movie line after movie line. He is a great son, big brother and Priesthood holder!!! WE LOVE YOU MACKY!!!


Aunt Tiff said...

Happy Birthday to Macky! He is such a cool kid!! UB sure does love spendin time with him too!! hope he never gets too old for that!

disneeporter said...

Happy Birthday Macky!
Hopefully we will get to see you and hang out again this summer!

Love, Disnee and Brooke Porter