Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eagle Project FINALLY finished!!

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JT finally got his Eagle Project finished. His project was 2 sets of double sided bookshelf's for Mountain Meadows Primary School. He did a great job and had a lot of help from friends, coaches and family. A man in the community (Gerd) was incredible help. He is such a nice man and let JT use his garage and all his power tools, if it wasn't for him the project probably wouldn't have gotten done. So, Gerd - we THANK YOU!!!! It's been a long road and Tim and I are not the best with raising scouts. It didn't help that the first scout camp JT went to he had a broken arm (from a motorcycle accident) and the second scout camp he attended he got his finger chopped off!! So, needles to say he was a little behind. With much perseverance, prodding, yelling, threatening and LOVE he finally did it!!!
Way to go BUBBA!!!
Since I'm talking about JT I do have to mention that Mogollon had its Basketball Banquet and Jt received:
*Most Outstanding Player
*First Team - All Region Award
*1A - All Tournament Team
Not that I really know what all that means, but he does and maybe when he reads this 20 years from now he will be reminded of what a successful junior year he had and he can feed that amazing large ego of his!!!!!!


Travis & Kalee Tenney said...

WTG JT! I bet that's a relief to have that done. And happy late birthday Mackey! We love you guys : )

Aunt Tiff said...

And AMazing Large Ego does he have!!! jk...he is such a good boy! Way to go Bubba on the eagle scouting!!

Shawna said...

Wow, your kids are great - they are so cute! I am dreading the day of Eagle Projects.

The Johnson Family said...

Jami, what an amazing fam you have got! And BTW did I ever tell you how much I love your hubby?? You guys are awesome. I love hearing stories of Tiff's kids ending up at your house! Too funny!

amanda.hall said...

Way to go T man! He is such an incredible young man. What are we going to do when him and Chace leave on missions? Boy I will miss them!