Monday, March 23, 2009

I HATE the wind!!!

Yesterday was so WINDY - so windy in fact that we lost electricity for hours!!! We came home from church, started making homemade pizza, preheated the oven and POOF - no power!!

What is a family to do with no power???? Poor pioneers!! I would have made a terrible, whiny pioneer. We busted out all the candles and spent the rest of our Sunday entertaining each other. We told story after story and Nate had the best stories ever, they always included a BIG bear and some type of gun:) The boys got creative and taped flashlights to their air soft guns (need I say more)!!! We then spent most of the night hiding from each other and playing flashlight hide and seek. Mary and I had the best hiding spot, we smoked the boys and they could NEVER find us.

I know we didn't do a very good job of keeping the Sabbath day holy but it did make me think of my pioneer ancestors and what hardships they went through. It also made me think of what's to come.

What is to come????
I do not know, but I do know we could fight off the "bad guys" and we know where to hide!!!!!!


Ginger.... said...

You are such a fun mom! I bet your kids had a blast yesterday.

Travis & Kalee Tenney said...

That's sound super fun! It blew so hard here too...happy spring break eh? Love Ya!

The Reidheads said...

That is the ONE thing I do NOT miss! I DO know that I DO miss YOU! Sounds like a fun time considering..haha! What did you end up making for dinner?

Aunt Tiff said...

you are such a good mom...I made my kids sit down and be quiet so I could sleep!! not really, they had a blast trying to find Brandon through the house and getting the crap scared out of them!

Deni said...

If having with your kids on Sunday isn't keeping the Sabbath Day Holy - I'M IN BIG TROUBLE!!!

You're wonderful!