Thursday, January 8, 2009


Okay - have you ever had one of those days where you have absolutely had enough?? I had been going on my 3rd day of a lingering headache. I was tired of feeling like crap and when I get headaches I am not very FUN to be around. My little guys had pretty much spent 2 days of doing whatever they wanted, so you can imagine what my house looked like:) We started picking things up around the house and I went to put something up that belonged in my little boys bedroom. They were in their room cleaning (I mean playing) and as I entered their absolutely trashed room I said under my breath "I'm going to kill someone". Yes I know I shouldn't of said what I said, (my migraine was speaking). Nate heard me and after a loud gasp said "Mom, We Don't Kill People - We Kiss People"!!! I grabbed him and started kissing his face all over!!!
That funny little comment really did save his life:)!!!!! There is never a quiet, dull or clean moment with raising boys, but boy I sure do LOVE them!!!!


Aunt Tiff said...

I am sure Morgon made most of the mess. Sorry I didn't get home earlier to help clean up!! Thanks for being the BEST sister EVER!

Paula said...

That is the cutest story about Nate. He has such a sweet little soul. Don't you just love when they make you feel about an inch tall???? It happens to me quite often.