Thursday, January 22, 2009


Nate came home from school last week telling me that his friend Kaitlyn was moving away. He was so sad!!! She is our neighbor and they have gotten to be good friends. I asked him where she was moving and he proceeded to tell me that she was moving in with Hannah Montana. I told him she was not moving in with Hannah Montana and he was adamant that she was. We argued about it for a little while and I just dropped it. Well yesterday when I was out walking, I passed by Kaitlyn's house and this lady was trying to carry a huge Lazy-Boy Chair in the house, so I stopped to help her and we started talking (to make a long story short) I found out that Kaitlyn has moved to MONTANA!! I just started laughing, I am sure the lady thought I was a loon:) Nate did get the Montana right. I love that boy!!!

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Deni said...

That's too funny!