Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God Bless America!!!

The events of yesterday as our "NEW" President took office found me a little sick to my stomach and a little irritated. I know that I suffer with IRRITATION, yes I have been diagnosed:) Yesterday I didn't watch the inauguration, I was at court in Holbrook, over matters with our foster daughter (CPS crap). When I got home around 2 it was still on the T.V., so I watched a little of it. My son Brock (not Barack) got home and asked me if I watched it and I told him I hadn't. He said "mom we watched it today and my teacher said we are a part of history" I said "Yes - you are son". He said "mom, you should of heard the prayer that was said". I then asked him about the prayer. He replied "It was a forever long prayer and I don't think the person knew who he was talking to"!! I know that President Obama didn't offer the prayer but I must admit his comment really hit me, for me that's what I have been struggling with about our "NEW" President. I don't feel he is a GOD FEARING MAN and that is why my stomach was nervous all day. Our Founding Fathers turned to God and through God our Constitution was constructed and set in place and I worry and wonder just how much our "NEW" President will turn to him for help and guidance with ALL the decisions he has to make in regards to our GREAT Nation!!! I'm grateful for my Brock and the knowledge that he has at such a young age, that there is a God in Heaven and to him and only him we pray!! I am especially grateful that I can pray to him in times of uneasiness, uncertainty and doubt.


Aunt Tiff said...


ClayandAmeeHensley said...

I am right with you. I had NO desire to watch the "SHOW" yesterday. I too, wonder what will happen in the next while with things that will be changed. It makes me thankful for the knowledge that we have that there is a God and that is the only peace I find in this.

Paula said...

Brock was right on! That wasn't a prayer by any definition of the word! It was a speech. And it was a hateful one. I can't imagine how God must feel when people pretend to talk to Him just to promote bigotry and hatred. It was so ridiculous.

Skousen Seven said...

Hi, its Wendy (Greer) Skouen, I was on Aimee's blog and saw that you have one! You have such an awsome family!
I just wanted to say that I agree with everything you wrote about Obama. I can't bring myself to even calling him president. My heart is so heavy with all the things that are to come from this presidency.
Knowing that our Heavenly Father knows all is what is keeping me going!
Hop on over to my blog, would love to hear from you.