Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So. California Ragnar - April 15-16 20ll

I love this pic!! We had so much fun at the beach while we were waiting for van 2 to arrive at the finish line!!

We went to a hotel to get cleaned up while van 2 had just started running their last leg. As you can see we were exhausted. This is one of the sweetest pictures ever!

I LOVE this lady - she was my training buddy and put up with my slow, turtle like skills!!

This is a group of young ladies that we met early on in the race. They cheered all of us on and were so kind. They made my night run (2nd leg) so much fun. We found out that they were also L.D.S. - we love the "Single Ladies".

Our entire "WHAT THE HILL" team. We got a ton of compliments on our team name and people taking pictures by our van. It was an appropriate team name for this Ragnar. Every team member at some point had a major HILL to conquor - this 200.9 mile course was rough!

I wish I could have spent more time with these fellows. I am so thankful for their encouragement and love. They tore it up!!!!

I have the best sisters-in law. I love spending time with this one. She makes me laugh and when you are with her there never is a dull moment.

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JENNE said...

oh my goodness!!
Look who is having so much fun for her birthday. I really do want to run a race with you - soon. I will come to AZ to do one. the $th of july has a fun, fun race here. come and party with me!

JENNE said...

sorry that is the 4th of july.
Dyslexia, what can I say??