Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Watch Out - Pinewood Derby!!

Nate was so excited for his first Pinewood Derby!! For days we talked a lot about being a good sport and not getting upset if you lose:( This conversation has taken place with everyone of our boys. Tim just flat out tells them that he doesn't know how to make fast cars. We just pray that the car will go down the track:)

It was so fun to watch the excitement on his face every time his car went down the track. It didn't matter to him if he won or loss. Nate Dawg your police car was AWESOME!!

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Aunt Tiff said...

His car was soooo cute! he's such a cute kid!

Love your Ragnar posts...looks like lots of hard work! thanks for making me cry:) I missed goin but wouldn't trade my little one for anything! You amaze me & I hope to be just like you when I grow up!!

Shawna said...

He is so cute - His car was really neat. All the boys (bit and little) need to be like him - doesn't matter who wins just be glad the car makes it down the track.