Sunday, June 27, 2010

Visitor Center in Independence, Missouri!

We were given an awesome tour, our tour guide talked a lot about ZION. What is Zion?? and how can we have Zion in our families??? Zion is of "One Heart"!!! She definantly got you thinking, a personal evaluation so to speak. I found myself having a lot of work to do!!
We sat around this Christus at the end of our tour and as a family we sang the hymn Redeemer of Israel by William W. Phelps. It was pretty powerful!!
Posted by PicasaThis is the Community of Christ Temple which is across the street from the Visitor Center. Our tour guide encouraged us to go check it out and take a tour. After touring it, I totally understood why she would encourage it - you go from feeling the spirit strongly to not feeling it at all. It was a great teaching/learning moment for my kids. They all recognized the difference and commented on how cold and uncomfortable it felt. In the basement of their Temple is a museum that has a lot of Emma's and the Prophet Joseph's things. The have this "wall of the Prophets" which is the starting of their church, from the 1st prophet to their current prophet. It was interesting to see and read. One of their prophets retired and another one of their prophets resigned. They have a picture of their First Presidency which includes a woman and a picture of the quorum of the twelve which includes 4 women. It was a great testimony strengthening/building experience!!!

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