Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seminary Graduation!!!

On May 26th 2010 - J.T. graduated from Seminary. I love Seminary Graduation. There is always a really neat spirit there.

This picture is missing a few kids, it was difficult to get everyone together at the same time. A great bunch of kids doing great things!!!
Posted by PicasaI really do love and appreciate this man - President Whipple. He is one of JT's best friends and I think that is totally neat. The kids really do love and respect this man. A while back we were having a little conversation with JT and Macky about if they ever found themselves in trouble what would they do and who would they call. JT made it very clear that President Whipple would be the first person he would call. Tim seemed a little surprised and disappointed that he wasn't first on JT's list. JT informed Tim that President Whipple wouldn't yell/scream and reprimand that he would simply come to his rescue and listen. I thought that that was a wonderful compliment to President Whipple. I really am THANKFUL for him.

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