Monday, June 28, 2010

A spiritual feast - a trip of a lifetime!!

One morning we all went as a family to the Nauvoo Temple and did Baptisms For The Dead. The baptismal font is incredible. What a beautiful Temple and experience!!
We FINALLY took our older kids on a Church History Trip. Right after I graduated from high school I was able to be a participant in the Hill Cumorah Pageant (I was a wicked Lamenite), this experience was monumental for me in regards to my testimony. I swore then, that I would someday take my children to see and experience what I had. So, we left Sunday May 30th and returned home a week later on June 6th. We had a wonderful time!! We saw things and felt things that strengthened our testimonies and blessed us as a family. It was a trip filled with the spirit!!!!
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JENNE said...

I love that I was with you in Palmyra. What fun memories!!! I have always wanted to go back also - and never have. I put it on our family goals every year and it is still there year after year. - Oh my,what do you do.

cturley said...

What a great trip!! I loved going there. I want to take my kids back there so bad to see all the history. Glad you had a great time.