Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happenings of 2014 - since 2014 is almost over!!

 Here are a few HIGHLIGHTS of 2014 -  Tyton and his Pinewood Derby - He actually ended up taking 2nd in speed - YEA TYTON!! 
 Tim looks so happy - happy that it is over!!! Well - at least for this year - haha
 Brock looking amazingly handsome at his 1st Prom - It's crazy to me that he is old enough to go to Prom - seriously - I am crying right now!!!!!
He doubled with his cousin Tristen and his date Rebekah Reynolds.  Brocks date was Brittney Watchman, she is in our ward and a amazing young lady :)

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debrajo said...

Tyton & Brock BOTH look huge to me...and handsome, of course, too! Can't believe how fast time flies!