Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Easter - April 2014

 Kids having fun coloring eggs - Nate you are such a DORK!!!
 Granddad helping Graci with her Easter eggs - This is his tradition and it has been for years - He loves it and the kids love it!!!  I usually get to clean up the mess and that's okay with me cause he is making memories with the kids and now grand kids!!!
 Gracilyn checking out her Easter basket - Look at that sweet face:)
 Buddha - we just love you!!!!
 Tim and I came across this crazy sour gum in the shape of an Easter egg - so we put it in the kids Easter basket - well - it ended up being crazy, crazy, crazy sour!! So, we had a contest with all the kids to see who could chew it the longest.  Mary opted out - chicken!!!!  The little guys didn't do to bad - Nate actually won - and as you can see Carly couldn't hack it!!! What a wimp Carly:)
Yep - she spit it right out!!!

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debrajo said...

I love the updates! Your family is so loveable!