Friday, April 11, 2014

Christmas Tree Gettin FUN!

This year getting Christmas trees was so much fun!!  We were lucky to have the Slade's/Butler's from Tucson with us.  It was their first tree getting trip and hopefully not their last!!

These two little girls are bff's - this is their "say cheese" pose.

This is their "the sun is in my eye's pose".

This is their "the snow has made me a little tipsy" pose!! They seriously kill me:)

We LOVE this girl - best niece ever!!  So glad that they got to go with us.  Notice the truck in the background - this trip was the 1st time it ever got dirty - NO JOKE - they are city slickers - they don't have mud in Tucson!!

Peace Out Peeps!!

Carly - the FASHIONISTA!!  I just had to say it:)  When you are a hick from the sticks anything goes - haha

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debrajo said...

Christmas in April! Woot! :)