Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sweet Story!!

On Sunday we had the opportunity to listen to Anthony Cronin report his mission in our ward. It was amazing!! In his talk he shared a sweet story about listening to the spirit. This experience happened right after Chili had just experienced a terrible earthquake and they kept having blackouts. As a companionship they were getting ready to leave their apartment for the day when the spirit told him he should put his flashlight in his backpack. He ignored the prompting and again the thought came to him to put his flashlight in his backpack and a second time he ignored the prompting and off they went. They had finished their appointments and lessons and were headed home that evening when the town experienced a blackout which left him and his companion on the street totally in the dark. He shared how the spirit will prompt us at times to do "simple things" and how disappointed he was in himself for not listening. We got home from church and had a visit from our Home Teachers. Nate was asked to give the closing prayer and was acting all shy so Tim was helping him. Tim was trying to get him to close his prayer when Nate told Tim that he wasn't done and to wait. He paused and then said "Help Bubba to remember to put his flashlight in his backpack so when he's outside and it's dark he won't be scared"!! My heart was overflowing. It was one of those WOW moments that mom's love to experience!! I was thrilled that he was actually listening in church and it reiterated to me how much he LOVES and WORRIES about his big brother. I love these moments!! I am so grateful for a missionary son and the blessings that are coming to our family through his service. The influence of a brother is an amazing thing! I LOVE my boys!!
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cturley said...

Love the story!! JT looks good. Rick's sister lives in Virginia and we told her to keep a look out for JT :)

Deni said...

What a great story. Good mommas make good boys you know.

tenney_fam said...

I have tears in my eyes! What a sweet story! Kids are amazing.

Hall Family said...

How sweet is that. It just goes to show that children learn more than we think and that they truly have sweet spirits. JT looks so good and missionary experiences sure do warm the heart!

debrajo said...

I love this story and I'm glad you wrote it down. The precious moments go by so fast and we think we'll remember, but we don't always unless we record it.

Hope JT is feeling uplifted every day on his mission and hope your family is feeling blessings from his service!

Also, I read your other posts--Happy 2011, : ), and what a GORGEOUS grandbaby you have!