Saturday, January 1, 2011


How can 2011 top this???? I had to post this picture - I think the look on this Granddad's face is priceless!! We have been so blessed throughout the year. When I get to pondering all the blessings that we have received in 2010, my heart feels like it will burst. Here is a little look at our 2010...

Jan - We went to battle in a trial for Maryjane.

Feb - The judge ruled in our favor - Maryjane is adopted - yea!!

Mar - Macky turned 16 and is dating and driving. No wrecked cars or broken hearts:)

Apr - Ran in my very first Ragnar in Southern CA - I've never worked so hard and had so much FUN all at the same time!

May - Maryjane was sealed to our family - all of our children were in the Temple - Grandpa Tenney performed the sealing.
Tim and JT went on the Senior trip to CA - lots of rides and laughs.
JT graduated from Seminary and M.H.S..
We took our "older" children on a Church History Trip - it was a trip of a lifetime!

June - JT received his mission call to the Washington D.C. South Mission:)
Macky was able to attend an EFY.

July - JT was able to receive his own endowment in the Snowflake Temple.
Our 3 little guys took swimming lesson for 2 weeks - FUN - FUN - FUN.

Aug - JT had his 19th b-day and entered the MTC four days later:)
Football starts and Tim is now the head coach for MHS.

Sept - Practices - Piano lessons - Dr. and Dentist appts - Helping out at the Jr High Library.

Oct - Homecoming - General Conference - Time Out For Women:)

Nov - State football game:( - 24th Wedding Anniversary - Carly's baby shower - Christmas tree getting!

Dec - Grandpa Tenney's radiaton treatment on his eye - Nativity story - Chace's farewell - Ward party - Other parties:)
Gracilyn Mallory born!!
Phone call from Elder Slade!!!

Here's to a BEAUTIFUL 2011 !!!!

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Aunt Tiff said...

So grateful we were able to be part of so many of those events!! Love you guys!!

Boston, Kati and Katelyn said...

I love that picture! You guys are going to make great grandparents!

JENNE said...

Can you believe it is 2011? Your 2010 was exciting to follow on your blog, so glad you have one and I can check in on you once in awhile. Seeing you guys at grandparents tickles my funnybone. I just can't believe we are so OLD! I better quit living in 1985. Te-he-he!
Tell Carly Congats on a beautiful baby!!