Monday, April 5, 2010

Conference is better when shared with a friend!!!

Have you ever had the chance to take a (lengthy) ride in a vehicle with teenagers??? If the answer is NO - then I highly recommend it:) I totally recommend taking your teenager to
General Conference. You will have the BEST time and learn TONS of things on the way. It was one of the funnest weekends I have ever had. We left Friday morning at 5:00 am (okay 5:15 thanks to Ron not having ice in the ice chest) we laughed, visited, sang, quoted, ate, laughed, farted, reminisced, teased, snacked and laughed some more all in a 10 hour drive. We stayed at the Nelson's (Thanks G-Rodg and Gloria). We ate shrimp steak at a place called Maddox. Went on a 6 mile run (okay just Lori and I). Shopped for a prom dress (she looks beautiful). Shopped at our new favorite store called Smith & Edwards. Met up with and old mission president. Shot some skeet. Attended Priesthood Session. Watched Sherlock Holmes. Sat in the Conference Center for a really long time. Got to sit by my son:) Saw President Monson and other Prophets too. Listened and learned. Felt the spirit. Left feeling very grateful to be a part of it all.

LOVED - every minute of it!!!!!!!!!

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Camron and Lonna Connolly said...

Those are such good kids!!! I love that all they talk about is their missions!! They will be good missionaries!! You have such a special boy! JT has been a huge blessing in our lives! WE LOVE THAT KID!! His parents did a dang good job with him!

Aunt Tiff said...

So glad you guys got to go!! I had a blast with these 3 kids taking their senior pics last week, so I can't imagine what a 12 hour road trip would have been like! Glad you guys got to experience conference!

JENNE said...

I was at the conference center too! First time ever. We have never been able to get tickets before. Really sorry I did not see you admist the 22,000 people.

tenney_fam said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe Macky is 16! Crazy. Love you guys.

Shawna said...

Such fun kids! Glad you were able to go. Sounds like a blast!