Monday, April 5, 2010


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Macky always seems to get the shaft when it comes to birthdays. It is always during spring break and there is a ton of things going on and we never celebrate his birthday the way he would like us to. We were in Tucson on his birthday and thanks to Uncle Rick (who is always full of surprises) he invited us out to his house for a birthday bbq. He even made sure that girls were there and bought him the cutest dinosaur birthday cake!!!! Needless to say Macky was super embarrassed.
On Saturday we surprised him again with a party for him and his best friend Michael Whipple (aka Whip). Great Friends - Great Food - Great Time!!!
Macky - we love you and are grateful that you are a part of our Eternal Family - we cant imagine life with out you, you have been blessed with some amazing gifts, qualities and traits. Here are a few of our favorites....
Your laughter
Your a friend to all
You are a great big brother
Your movie quoting skills
Your testimony
Your play station skills (you and UB have an addiction problem)
Your leadership abilities
Your persistence
The way you talk out of the side of your mouth when you tell a story (my personal favorite)
We LOVE everything about you:)

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