Monday, April 6, 2015

Football State Champs!! 2014

 It seems that I am always behind when it comes to blogging but I had to get these pictures on here.  Super excited for this boy who was the QB for the Mustangs this season - No PRESSURE!! He did an amazing job and we are so happy for their victory. 

 Lexie made this poster for Macky (nickname Nickel) so he could feel a part of it all. 

Since my yelling days are over - haha   Thanks to a paralyzed vocal chord (which is a post I will save for another time) - I had been saying all season that I needed to purchase a cow bell.  Carly found one for me and on our way to the game we whipped in and bought it.  It sure came in handy and I absolutely loved having it!!  I miss not being able to yell and encourage my boy/team but this will have to do:)  After all these years of Tim being a coach this is actually my 1st pic with a championship trophy.  I know first hand the sacrifice that is made by the coaches and their families during a football season. Lots of hours are spent and there are many sleepless night!! I am super happy for my hubby and the Mustangs!!!


jenneday said...

We need more COWBELL!!

jenneday said...

Oh and Congrats to Tim and the team-
That is pretty Awesome!!